Fracking: Facts, Figures and Falsehoods: Guildford, 25 November

On Tuesday 25, November, members of Frack Free Surrey are organising a free event to provide information on unconventional gas development, known colloquially as ‘fracking’.

Dr Damien Short, Chilworth resident and a founding member of Frack Free Surrey, will chair the event, at the Friends Meeting House (3 Ward St, Guildford) at 7pm. All are welcome.

Environmental consultant Paul Mobbs will be sharing his insights along with Kathryn McWhirter from Frack Free Balcombe Residents Association.

Damien will invite both guest speakers to counter the central arguments for the industry as promoted by this Government. Will fracking really provide the UK with energy security and lower gas bills, whilst also creating thousands of jobs as Number 10 claims?

Guest speakers

Few people are more knowledgeable about the environmental, economic, social and health impact of unconventional fossil fuel extraction than Paul Mobbs, who says, “It would appear, irrespective to any evidence to the contrary, that the Government believes shale gas development in Britain to be acceptable in terms of its impact upon the climate; and that this position is based upon assumption, not on fact.”

Kathryn was compelled to stand up against fracking company Cuadrilla when they moved into her village. She says that she and many fellow residents, “have been politicised by this, people who would never have protested before”.

Dr Damien Short is a Reader at the University of London where he also runs the ‘Extreme Energy Initiative’ which assesses the social effects of fracking, particularly in the US.  Damien has been invited to speak at industry events, despite the fact that he can find fault with most of the exaggerated claims about safety and communities being willing to accept fracking as touted by industry spokespeople.

After what promises to be an intriguing discussion, questions will be welcomed from the audience.

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