IGas plans produce grey hydrogen at Albury & Bletchingley

IGas have applied to Surrey County Council for planning permission to produce high carbon, ‘grey’ hydrogen at their sites in Albury and Bletchingley.

Their applications are highly misleading as they concentrate on the low emissions from hydrogen at the point of use and completely downplay the enormous amount of emissions that will result from the production of hydrogen at this site, if their permit is granted.

The Weald Action Group has produced some useful briefings on why hydrogen is not the green panacea IGas would have us believe:


The Planning Technical Support Team for the Albury permit have said they are still accepting comments on the application right up until it is decided. They indicate that this will not be for a couple of months.

Read the application documents

The Weald Action Group has produced some guidance on how to respond: Say no to grey hydrogen production at Albury

Please submit your objection in your own words. You can do that either online or email mwcd@surreycc.gov.uk, quoting Planning Application SCC Ref 2021/0130 and ensure you include your name and address (make a note if you want your address redacted from the online comments).


Read the application documents

Submit your comments

They have already been accused of misleading local residents.

Challenging greenwash

If you would like to understand more about the subject, or get involved in the discussion on challenging the greenwash around hydrogen please join the Communities Against Hydrogen Greenwash Facebook group

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  1. Mrs Amanda Harrison says:

    No No No Leave Dunsfold out of this. And please dont drill anywhere near Dunsfold. It is A lovely village.

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