Have your say on retrospective application at Brockham

Angus Energy have submitted their long-awaited planning application for the next stage of work at the Brockham Oilfield at Felton’s Farm, Old School Lane. The application is in three parts, and relates to well BRX4 where an unauthorised sidetrack was drilled last January.

Part 1 is for the retention of the BRX4 well. The well was drilled in 2007 under a planning permission that expired in 2008. The well should have been sealed up and the land returned to its former condition, but this has not happened, and Angus are now applying for permission to keep it for a further three years.

Part 2 is a retrospective application for permission to drill the sidetrack to well BRX4, BRX4Z (which they already did last year despite having been told by their own planning consultant that they would need planning permission to do so).

Part 3 is an application for appraisal of the production potential of the sidetrack using the production plant and equipment within the existing site plus some additional plant and equipment. Angus want to undertake this work over the next three years, and o produce oil from the well for up to 18 months, during which time they will monitor the pressures and the flow to inform a further planning application for production, should the appraisal show that there is oil in commercially recoverable quantities.

Surrey County Council will decide on this application – and they are now consulting residents and others for their views. The consultation closes on 18 April.

You can read the application documents on Surrey County Council’s website here, or on Mole Valley District Council’s website here.

You can make representations on the Council’s website, or by email to mwcd@surreycc.gov.uk, remember to include your name and address and quote the reference MO/2018/0444.

Read more on the Brockham Oilwatch website


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