Horse Hill: Planning decision delayed – and public meeting

The decision on massive expansion of the Horse Hill site, and 20 years of oil production, has been postponed, in part because of the huge volume of objections – more than 1,000 objections have been submitted. Read more

Surrey County Council’s Planning Committee was due to decide on UK Oil & Gas plc (UKOG)’s application for four new oil wells plus and one water reinjection well at its meeting in April, but that now won’t happen. The next meeting is on 22 May, but it’s not certain the Planners will be able to scrutinise the application and all the objections by then.

Well done everyone who has objected! This delay shows how many concerns people have about the proposal, from local pollution and earthquake risk to climate change. If you haven’t objected yet, it’s not too late! Please object now.

Public meeting for Horse Hill residents

Friday 26 April, 7-9pm 
Hookwood Memorial Hall
off Reigate Road, RH6 0AZ (parking also available at Tesco, use the exit gate ‘behind’ the store)

This meeting is for local residents concerned about the drilling at Horse Hill who want to:

  • understand the potential impact of the site on our homes
  • understand the terminology – without being baffled
  • learn from the experience of other communities (Leith Hill, Brockham)
  • earthquakes, what has happened in other countries, how to document the damage
  • understand the implications of the injunctions the companies are using against objectors

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  1. Alan Wood says:

    Miss leading title as the program is not fracking “please get you facts and headlines right. I hope you all walked to the protest. Having watched many developments like this around the world I have to record Horse hill developments seem to have conducted this with care and consideration.

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