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Stop the attack on the UK solar industry

Government ministers are about to approve a huge tax hike on solar panels that will have a devastating impact on the solar industry.

Recent cuts to the solar industry have already triggered an estimated 12,000 job losses. Now the government could allow a huge new tax hike to be inflicted on the industry, one that could leave businesses and schools that install solar panels with a 6-8 times higher tax bill.

Industry experts say that such a sudden and huge tax rise would prove catastrophic for swathes of UK solar firms.

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Time for change

Renewable sources such as solar have huge energy potential – why is the Government throwing obstacles in their way?

In a world of increasingly scarce resources, nearing the tipping point into runaway climate change, we desperately need to build a new renewable energy economy.

But instead the government is clinging onto fossil fuels, with all their negative impacts.

It makes no sense to throw money at ‘unconventional’ fossil fuels which are harder to extract requiring more energy to produce while yielding less.

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