Oil drilling threatens industrialisation of the Weald

With drilling – or more drilling – for oil on the cards for four sites in Surrey, it’s worth reminding ourselves of the words of Stephen Sanderson, CEO of UK Oil and Gas (which has an interest at the sites at Leith Hill and Horse Hill) speaking after the discovery of oil at Horse Hill in February 2016.

“These deposits extend over 1200 square miles or more of the Weald so if we can… put a commercial development together, then clearly you can see incremental step-outs over quite a large area…. We’re also looking at acquiring more acreage. 

“This type of oil deposit very much depends on being able to drill your wells almost back to back so it becomes very much like an industrialised process…

“Generally speaking these types of wells do decline, ie the flow at the start of the year when you put the well on compared to the flow at the end of that year can decline by 60 or 70 per cent or so… So generally you have to drill a lot of wells close to each other so you can maintain a certain level of production.”

The quotes below start around 8 minutes into the interview on the YouTube clip below.

Please support the campaigns against oil drilling at Leith Hill, Brockham, Horse Hill, and Bletchingley.


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