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Application to extract gas in AONB at July planning committee

IGas’s plans to produce gas at Albury in the Surrey Hills and remove it by tanker for 15 years will come before the Surrey County Council Planning Committee on 13 July.

Officers have recommended councillors APPROVE the plans, even though the site is in the Green Belt, the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, an Area of Great Landscape Value, a Site of Nature Conservation Importance and is ancient woodland to boot. Please write to the Planning Committee members (contact details on the Surrey County Council website) before 13 July.

Read more about it on the Drill or Drop website.

Local people and others are writing to the planning committee to ask them to refuse permission. If you’d like to write, you can see a template letter here – please adapt it to give your own views. And don’t be slow – the committee meeting is this Wednesday, 13 July.

If you want to write to the planning committee members, you will find their contact details here.

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