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  1. Mark Raison says:

    Dear FFS,

    Congratulations on your attempts to preserve what are truly some beautiful fields and trees. However, what you must remember is the UK is striving to be self-sufficient with regard to its oil supply. The US is well on the way to this target, and we will follow suit, especially given the state of affairs in the Middle East, and the recent upturn in oil prices.

    I live in South Wales, where, since the construction of Europe’s largest wood-burning power station, massive areas of forestry have coincidently become ‘diseased’ and had to be cut down and burnt. Is there anything we can do about this? No. Because the government are behind it all the way. Just as they are behind bolstering up the UK’s on-shore oil production. Eashing Farm, near Godalming, has once again had it’s application for a 30,000 panel solar farm refused, yet neither the Environment Agency or RBBC have blocked HHDLs plan. Your efforts are futile at best.

    I also feel the need to remind you of your name. Why, as an anti-fracking group, are you protesting against a conventional oil well? HHDL have no permit to frack, nor did they apply for one.
    It’s the UK government that’s all for fracking, as announced in recent years. Grow a pair of balls and go and camp outside No.10!

    Having recently taken a virtual tour of the Horse Hill area , I was incredibly disappointed to find very few private solar panels or wind turbines in the area, especially given that you are all so dedicated to bringing an end to the use of fossil fuels, and encouraging renewable energy. Fossils fuels are currently used to heat your huge houses, and power your gas-guzzling Range Rovers and Merc’s. You will be the first to complain when you have to have an electric car, and when you have to spend a fortune warming your houses solely on electric heating.

    Presumably, none of you have ever been on holiday to Dorset either? Why would you? It must be an awful area because of Wytch Farm, right?
    No, it’s the clearest seawater you can swim in, and it’s surrounded by nature reserves. And it’s been our biggest oilfield for the last 40 years.

    So I suggest that you put away the wellies and wax-jackets, come back down to Earth, and admit to yourselves that the only reason you are protesting against this well is because you’re worried it’s going to put a big dent in the astronomical value of your properties. You bunch of hypocritical NIMBYs!

    FFS indeed (the other FFS, that is!!)

    • admin says:

      Hello Mark

      Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. I hope you don’t mind if I make a few observations of my own in response.

      The idea that fracking could make the UK self-sufficient in oil is the stuff of fantasy. Even if the US with its thousands of fracking sites ever manages self-sufficiency, it will only be for about a minute, given the high rate of depletion of fracking wells.

      The real reason, as I’m sure you know, why the government is going “all out for shale” is that oil and gas companies are very generous donors to the Conservative Party. It is instructive to note the differences in recent legislative changes relating to oil and gas (planning decisions on new wells to be taken out of the hands of local councils and given to planning inspectors), from those relating to renewable energy (local people have been given special new powers to stop onshore windfarms).

      As you say, HHDL have no permit to frack. No, not yet, because the well is at a very early stage of development. Indeed flow-testing only started this week. However, one of the targets of the testing is a layer known as the Kimmeridge Clay, which, it has been previously announced, would require the use of unconventional techniques should it be brought into production.

      But in some ways, fracking is a distraction (a very environmentally destructive distraction, of course). At least 80% of known fossil fuel reserves have to stay unused if we are to have any chance of avoiding run away climate change, so what sort of madness is it to continue to look for more fossil fuel sources? (I seem to recall there was some sort of big meeting in Paris in December where everybody said they agreed with this?)

      But, I agree, Dorset is lovely!

      Best wishes

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