Horse Hill flow testing could start in a matter of weeks

Flow testing at the Horse Hill site near Horley could get under way in a matter of weeks.

The Proactive Investors website reports that the project has received clearance from the Oil & Gas Authority.

And it quotes Solo Oil Chairman Neil Ritson, who says key equipment will be mobilised in the coming weeks.

Ritson says that Solo’s primary interest is in the Portland layer, which can yield conventional oil, while the deeper Kimmeridge is “a longer term prospect”.

The deeper play is referred to as ‘tight’, which means it may require fracking or other unconventional methods to extract it.

Frack Free Surrey is opposed to both conventional and unconventional extraction of oil and gas. Scientists say that to avoid hitting a catastrophic climate tipping point, we need to keep 80% of all known fossil fuels in the ground.

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