Flow testing at Horse Hill imminent

Horse Hill Developments Limited is expected to start flow testing at Horse Hill within the next couple of weeks.

What’s flow testing? It means they will be testing the potential flow of oil from three layers underground: the Portland Sandstone and the Upper Kimmeridge Limestone and Lower Kimmeridge Limestone.

There is a description of the process they will use in Part 1 of this document: Environment Agency Decision document

We understand that the Portland sandstone can yield conventional oil, and the Kimmeridge limestone would require fracking or other unconventional methods to extract it.

Frack Free Surrey is opposed to both conventional and unconventional extraction of oil and gas.

Quite apart from the local impacts, including the threat of air and water pollution, traffic and industrialisation of this peaceful area, to avoid hitting a catastrophic climate tipping point, we need to keep 80% of all known fossil fuels in the ground.

The Paris Climate Conference in Decemeber confirmed the urgency of shifting away from fossil fuels. Instead of drilling more out of the ground, we should be investing in genuinely low- or zero-carbon energy technologies such as tidal, wind and solar.

There will be a peaceful gathering at Horse Hill this Sunday as part of the national #NoFrackingWay day of action, to show our opposition to oil drilling.  Please come! Details here


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