Objection to plans to produce CNG at Albury

Igas has submitted a planning application for the production of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and electricity at the Albury Park Wellsite, East of New Road, Albury.

Local resident Dr Damien Short has objected on grounds of air pollution and emissions, traffic and transportation. Read his objection here.

Surrey County Council is considering the application and their consultation deadline ends tomorrow, 14 December. You can see the application documents and submit your comments here: http://planning.surreycc.gov.uk/planappdisp.aspx?Appno=SCC%20Ref%202015/0230

Igas is applying for: “Retention of the Albury wellsite and access track for the production of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and electricity including: temporary flaring to re-establish gas flow, the installation of CNG production plant and equipment within the wellsite compound and also a tanker loading area, site office, lighting, security cameras, gas powered generator, coolers, generator control room, knock out pot and WC; and retention of a transformer unit, switch room, water tank, temporary parking area and perimeter fencing all on some 1.51 hectares for a temporary period of 15 years, with restoration to commercial forestry.”

The proposed scheme will involve the production of gas from the existing well, followed by the use of the gas in two principal schemes:

  • The production of CNG, to be exported from the site by road tanker at a rate of 20 tonnes per day and injected into the gas grid at Portsdown Hill (Hampshire), a facility specifically designed to allow the connection of remote gas production sites to the gas grid without the need for a physical connection.
  • The production of electricity to power the on-site processes, with any additional electricity being fed into the local network via the site’s existing connection.



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