£2bn of gas and oil at Horley – but no fracking, says Lenigas

This information is taken, with thanks, from a report on the Drill or Drop website.

Fracking will not take place at Horse Hill, according to David Lenigas, Chairman of Horse Hill Developments Ltd, who was interviewed by BBC Surrey this morning.

Mr Lenigas said that the site could yield 80 million barrels of oil and 160 billion cubic feet of gas, worth £2 billion.

A local resident, Mr Chris Lowe, said people are concerned about the current noise, dust and smell. They were also worried about whether there would fracking in future, and about the industrialisation of the area:.

Mr Lowe said, “If it is a single well, it is not a problem… What is a problem is if this is right across the south east and you get drill sites and nodding donkeys every mile or so along hills like this. We could get another site in two years, five years’ time. And another one a mile further on and that is a prospect that does worry me.”

Mr Lenigas said, “The concept of lots of oil and a nodding donkey every mile is not the reality of this project.” He said if the well went into production it would result in “one or two tankers a week”.

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