Horse Hill: operator issues press release, contradictions remain

Horse Hill Developments Ltd has issued a press release apparently to clear up confusion over the competing messages coming out from its partner Magellan.

The HHDL release, dated 29 September “confirms that this is a conventional drilling project and none of the other partners have any interest in exploring unconventional opportunities. There are no unconventional shale targets.”

As if to underline this, they include a link to the Magellan press release dated 18 September (which mysteriously disappeared from their website but is now viewable again), in which Magellan CEO J. Thomas Wilson is quoted, “Horse Hill Developments has proven to be an able operator. The Weald Basin has yielded conventional oil and gas production for decades, and I expect Horse Hill Developments will be a strong partner to Magellan in unlocking value from the conventional  prospects at Horse Hill and elsewhere in the Weald. Their efforts will complement nicely our own pursuit of the attractive unconventional development opportunities in the Weald.” (our emphasis).

Frack Free Surrey is holding two events to raise awareness of the drilling and the threat of fracking in the wider area, and to give local people a chance to find out more:

  • Picnic near the site: Sunday 5 October, 2-4pm at Horse HIll – with cakes, entertainment and information
  • Public meeting in Horley: Monday 13 October, 7-9pm, Empire Hall, Victoria Road, Horley RH6 7AW. (Opposite the Air Balloon car park)

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