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Say no to massive expansion of drilling at Horse Hill

Horse Hill, near Horley, could be the UK’s second largest onshore oil site.

A company called Horse Hill Developments Ltd is testing oil flows and has applied for planning permission for five new wells, one to dispose of contaminated waste water.

They say they could produce more than 500 tonnes of oil a day. For 25 years. 

Surrey County Council’s Planning Committee is due to decide on permission on 11 September.

If you think turning Horse Hill into an oilfield is a bad idea, you can post your objection on the Council website, or email Make sure to include the reference number SCC 2018/0152 and your name and address

View the plans and have your say here:


Why does it matter?

You might want to include some or all of these points:

Climate change: We are facing a climate emergency. Scientists warn that we have less than 12 years left to make the changes needed to keep temperature rises within safe limits and avoid environmental breakdown. Campaigners see we need to reach ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2025. Allowing long-term oil drilling at Horse Hill or anywhere makes a mockery of Surrey County Council’s climate emergency declaration.

Acidisation: An unconventional technique called acidisation will be used to break down the rock and allow oil to flow.  Large volumes of acid will be pumped into the ground. It takes 56,000+ litres of fresh water to acidise 30 metres of pipe .

Water pollution: Most of this acid water is pumped back to the surface. On the way it may gather mildly radioactive materials and heavy metals. It is either treated (involving tanker transport to a treatment facility) or pumped back into the ground.

Air pollution: Gas flaring and the use of diesel engines will add to local air pollution. Already we’ve seen three tonnes of gas flared off in just one day, with only one well.

Traffic: Horse Hill Developments Ltd estimate there will be 32 tanker movements daily (1 every 20 minutes) for 20 years, causing congestion, pollution, noise and road damage.

Industrialisation: Lights, noise, traffic and pollution add up to the industrialisation of this quiet rural area.

Earthquake risk: 33 recent earthquakes in Surrey show the area is far less stable than once thought. Surrey’s ‘quakes coincided with the re-start of oil operations at Horse Hill.

Community harmed: More traffic, more noise, more light, more pollution, more drilling, more oil sites, falling house prices.

More information:

Download a leaflet to share with neighbours.

Read more about the proposals on the Drill or Drop website.