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Horse Hill drill plans: Public meeting 23 October

Public meeting – 23 Oct, 7.45pm
Catholic Church Hall, 4 Vicarage Lane, Horley RH6 8AR

Come and hear about the new plans for four more oil wells, one waste water well and 20 years of full production at Horse Hill drill site. Impacts include air pollution, more HGVs on the roads, acidisation being used to extract oil, noise – and all in an area recently subject to an earthquake swarm.

Horse Hill Developments Ltd (UK Oil & Gas) say the proposals would “significantly change the landscape” and have “an adverse effect upon valued landscapes”.

Worst of all – this is investment in climate-wrecking fossil fuels, just when we’ve had the starkest warning yet from the scientific community that the window of opportunity for averting runaway climate change is closing

The event is being hosted by Green Councillor Jonathan Essex, with speakers from the Weald Action Group and the local area.

Find out more about how these plans could affect your environment, your health, your community and your property.  Q&A afterwards.

Catholic Church Hall, 4 Vicarage Lane, Horley RH6 8AR on Tuesday 23 October, 7.45pm.

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Read more on the East Surrey Green Party website.

Don’t fast-track fracking. Let Communities Decide

Time is running short to engage with two important consultations, one on Permitted Development and one on Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). The deadline for both is 11.45 p.m. on October 25th.

A campaigner has written a “Guide to Contacting MP’s and Councillors about Changes to Shale Gas Planning Applications” which we reduce below.

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Major expansion plans for Horse Hill

Horse Hill Developments Ltd submitted a proposal to develop four more wells at its Horse Hill site, increasing the size of the site by a quarter and meaning more noise and HGV movements.

They say the proposals would “significantly change the landscape” and have “an adverse effect upon valued landscapes”.

Read a summary of the plans on Drill or Drop

Read the Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report on the Horse Hill Developments Ltd website


Public meeting

Surrey Green Party and Weald Action Group are hosting a public meeting to discuss the plans and how to oppose them.

It’s at 7.45pm on Tuesday 23 October at the Catholic Church Hall, 4 Vicarage Lane, Horley RH6 8AR