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Petition for stronger environmental monitoring of onshore oil and gas

Campaigners in Leith Hill have set up a petition calling on the Environment Agency to reject permit applications which would allow oil and gas exploration at the beauty spot.

They are also calling on the EA to substantially extend and strengthen the water monitoring regime related to onshore oil and gas operations.

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New report reveals Surrey County Council investing £159m in climate-wrecking companies

Press release from Divest Surrey, 9 November 2017

National data released today has revealed that Surrey County Council is investing over £159 million in the fossil fuel industry through their management of the council pension fund [1]. Campaigners say the controversial investments threaten the climate and also represent an unacceptable financial risk to pension-holders.

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Angus gears up for oil production at Brockham

Update supplied by Brockham Oil Watch

A new application

Angus Energy has recently made two important announcements relating to the Brockham Oilfield. On 25 Oct it announced that it will “submit a normalisation application for the continued surface activities of the production plant required for well BR-X4 and notably, its inclusive sidetrack BR-X4Z.

It remains to be seen whether this will include a retrospective application for the drilling of sidetrack BR-X4Z, and/or an application cover any further exploration, testing or production from that or other wells, as Surrey County Council have requested.

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