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Surrey Pension Fund in ‘very significant deficit’ – urged to change course

Press release from DivestSurrey:

The 75,000 residents of Surrey, who hold a pension managed under the Surrey Pension Fund may be concerned to know that the £2.8 billion fund is in “very significant deficit” as revealed by Cllr Hazel Watson, a SPF committee member [1].

Steve McDonald from DivestSurrey, a campaign launched to persuade the pension fund to divest from global warming fossil fuels said,

“As Surrey residents we want the pension to fund to provide both solid returns for pensioners and a sustainable future for the community.

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No Drilling in the Weald: Skill-sharing meeting 16 October 2016

Campaigners from Surrey and Sussex are holding a meeting and skills workshops for anti-fossil fuel groups and environmental activists across the South East.

The world’s existing coal mines and oil and gas fields contain enough carbon to push the world beyond the threshold for catastrophic climate change, and there is simply no justification in searching for more fossil fuels. They must be left in the ground.

This meeting is an opportunity to share ideas, put a strategy in place for each area threatened with oil or gas drilling across the Weald, and to support each other.

It’s also a chance to link up anti-fracking campaigns with those focusing on community renewables, divestment, and conventional oil and gas.

The event is free but places are limited so booking is required.

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